Is it ok to feed your dog healthy home made meals and feed dry dog food in between meals?

 Yes, It is safe to feed your Dog Healthy Home made Meals and feed Dry Dog Food between Meals. 

Actually dog metabolism is fast and digest very thing early. If we see dog come from wolf bread. They can digest everything. But don't give milk to dogs because they cannot digest milk and there metabolism as well as stomach will be disturbed. 


Yes, home made healthy foods good for dog. Boil meal is a healthy food for them. It has a lot of carbohydrates, fats, calcium and lot of things. It has a massive amount of fats in it. 

Proper cooked meal is only good for their health. half cooked or uncompleted cocked meals can disturb their stomach. So, well cocked meal will be given to dogs. 

Dogs weight is key point to maintain their health. Because dogs have a lot of issues with their health. A proper food is only to maintain their health. Meal at least be cocked 30 mints to efficiently boil. Add daily uses things during cocking meal like Black Paper,  salts and other things which use in daily cocking foods. Oil is necessary thing in meal during cocking because if you don't add oil in meal it leads a constipation in dogs. Constipation in dogs may lead huge problems related with their health. So oil is necessary thing in meal. Don't forget to properly cock it. 

 Dry Dog Feed:

Dry dog feeds are very healthy feed and helpful for dogs to maintain their health and grow fast. It is said to be that Dog feeds are the necessary thing in their daily food. Little puppy like 4 weeks of age feed dry feed for their early and proper growth. 

Dog feeds contains every things related to dog to maintain their health and growth. So its very important to give dog feed to dog for their health. 

Dog feed between meal is good but if you are giving meal then its enough. Let me show how to adopt daily retain of dog food.

If you give meal to dog then don't give him a dry dog feed. because it contains very high energy if you want to give then walk is necessary for him. If you want to give dry feed between meal then  dog to walk with dog and burn his/her calories regularly. If you don't do this it leads to many health problems of dogs. It has very bad effects on him. So if you are giving him a very healthy food then walk is necessary for him. Do not give water after meal to dog. Because water with meal can slow down digestive system and cause discomfort for your dog. 

Dogs are sensitive as well as aggressive. It depends on their breed. Many dogs breads are sensitive and some are aggressive. They can kill people. Its is also depends on dog breed because through this we can determined that which food is best for it. 

If you have German Shepherd , Doberman , King Shepherd , Bully etc then they needs healthy food and meal is necessary for them. If you have toy breed then its alright. You can give him a normal food to him. On the other hand some dogs has their own attitude and they like some specific food and feeds which they like most. So its all depends on your dog which he likes most. 

Home made food is good for them but feed is also important for them for their proper health as well as growth. So don't keep your dog on home made food also give him a quality dog feed which are available in markets in many types some popular dog feeds are Pedigree , Loyal canal Stater etc.